Emily's Marvellous Manicures
Emily's MarvellousManicures

Nail Art Services

We offer a wide range of stunning nail art designs for every occasion and can create designs specifically to suit your needs.

Glitter, Pigments, Stamping, Foils and    
Simple Freehand Nail Art Designs   from 50p per nail
Complex Freehand Nail Art   from £1 per nail
Transfers/Decals/Rhiinestones   20p each
Chrome powder   from 75p per nail
One Stroke Nail Art Designs   from £3.50 per nail

* Please note that nail art designs vary in price according to the complexity of the design you choose and are in addition to the cost of the manicure.

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Please note I am no longer a mobile service and work from my home in Fleetwood. Thank you

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